Paola Dawson

Inspire - Create - Dream - Celebrate

  There are plenty of reasons why people choose to take art lessons, such as:  To grow artistically, for therapy of the mind, as a hobby, to discover a hidden talent, for portfolio enhancement, etc.

The classes may vary from 2d art (painting, drawing, collage, faux finish), to 3d art (sculpture, paper mache, mosaic, jewelry). All ages are welcome! 

Group Classes-  I'm giving a beginner/intermediate group class at Michael's Art Store, located in Boca Raton.  I will be teaching how to paint in acrylics.  Contact me or the store directly to get signed up.  Lets paint together!!!

 Private- By appointment.

A proud collection of my student's work

Interested in having an artistic activity in your party?  A great way to connect people with each other as they express themselves through the arts! Allow me to help your guests make that first brush stroke come to life!!!

Great for birthday parties, groups of all ages from 7 and up.